Market cipher has been super fun to learn so far.
I’m 1 month into trading and have put 100% of my effort into it. All together this account was funded with about $500.

It really works. My favorite combo is MC B combined with MC SR. I can spot key levels of support/resistance easier, and use the money flow and momentum waves of MC B to get a very basic but very strong sense of market direction.
I wait for a thick green or red money flow wave, combined with a solid peak on momentum waves as a signal that we may be near the end of a run before i open my trades.

This strat combined with low leverage, sticking to 15min-1hr time frames, and averaging/laddering into my trades has been very effective as a beginner trader. Learning new things from discord every day as well.

Its definitely not easy but I think anyone can have this win rate with enough effort and patience.