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New Risk Calculator

The new Market Cipher risk calculator is a tool to help you manage risks, conceptualize, optimize, and execute your trades more efficiently!

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Market Cipher DBSI

New Addition to Market Cipher

DBSI is an all-encompassing momentum indicator that uses a numerical scoring system to signal momentum strength.

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Start Trading with Confidence

Start Trading with Confidence

Market Cipher interprets data and returns symbols to help guide your trades.

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Best Trading Indicator on the Market

Best Trading Indictor on the Market

Market Cipher combines over 30 years of trading experience to develop a comprehensive trading Indicator.

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Maximize Profits

Maximize Profits

With Market Cipher, you no longer have to execute trades without a great degree of confidence.

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"Bought MC yesterday, gave it a spin this morning, in profit with 2 out of 2 trades..."

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Market Cipher A

4 Trading Indicators

for both beginner and experienced traders

Market Cipher A

Market Cipher A is an EMA ribbon comprised of 8 EMAs that are blue/white during a bull market and gray during a bear market. The intersections of these lines can be very strong lagging indications, so we have programmed Cipher A to project symbols which correspond to various indications so you don’t have to manually interpret each bullish or bearish cross.

Market Cipher B

Market Cipher B is an all-in-one oscillator. It combines five algorithms that have been fine-tuned and smoothed for optimal analysis and trading results. When all of the algorithms converge, Market Cipher B will render a “Green Dot” which will aid you in longing the dips in bull markets as well as temporarily exiting shorts in bear markets.

Market Cipher SR

Market Cipher SR (Support/Resistance) is a day trading strategy built for the hourly timeframe and below which heavily incorporates horizontal supports and resistances as well as Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP). VWAP is a reliable day trader’s indicator that will help you to know your environment and provide you regular opportunities to enter the market in either direction.

New Indicator

Market Cipher DBSI

Market Cipher DBSI is an all-encompassing momentum indicator that uses a scoring system to interpret the signals of 36 separate momentum indicators on a candle-by-candle basis. A candle with a high score at the bottom signals bullish momentum, while high score at the top signals bearish momentum. The score range starts from -5 to 28.

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TheGoldChef - July 13, 2021

What an unbelievable piece of powerful software. Takes a little dedication, but when you nail it, you nail it. This was MY FIRST live trade with the software. This was after 10 negative trades (I would always exit the second I saw it going against me. I had zero confidence in my trades before this and would simply chase the trend). If this isn't proof, I'm not sure what else you need.

mutan73 - July 7, 2021

The market cipher are extremely awesome, after one week of view, read and practice at testnet, i started at Sunday, a lot of scalping, and some intraday, with almost all good positive profits, really happy with +120% of my total wallet funds up, good moments. And people at the scalp-trading-floor and swing-trading-floor makes a good enviroment at discord, i'm learning a lot from that's chats of how to interpreted the cipher market signs at hot moments, a lot of knowledge between lines in this chat, thanks to all the tribe, keep on howlin' to the moon and makin f'kin money on the road. lml

BunnyKing - July 2, 2021

Hello everybody Im new here... In the last 60 days Ive lost 30k.. BUT IM NOT GIVING UP. im here to invest in my future, to learn about the markets, how to chart, and become successful at trading. I stand here before you today to confess my L's and reclaim my coin using the MC tool. I'm going be disciplined and study hard. Im determined to change my life and I have CF to thank for this opportunity.

RRancid - June 28, 2021

New to trading. After a few weeks of impatience, flopping and groping and stupid little losses (which all add up :rolling_eyes:). This last week I've absolutely nailed it. Learned to trust the indicator and have patience that things will play out as I expect them to based on what :MC: is telling me This is an absolute game changer and I can't thank you enough. In the last week I've made back what I'd lost in the previous 4-5 weeks and even a little bit more which I withdrew as profit and have confidence that my account is gonna grow going forward. Thank you so much

BlueDotBob - June 27, 2021

All I have to say is that DBSI is a complete game changer. Market Cipher A, B, and SR are extremely effective and have made me plenty of money, but DBSI has allowed me to absolutely nail entries and exits. Everyone knows the saying "you won't nail the bottoms and you won't nail the tops, but that's okay because money is made in the middle". Well, let me tell you folks that with Market Cipher DBSI, you are much closer to nailing the tops and bottoms. In one trade, and with the confidence of DBSI, I made more than enough to cover an annual membership. Phenomenal indicator, on a scale of 1-10, I give it a 20.

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