Start Trading with Confidence

Start Trading with Confidence

Market Cipher interprets data and returns symbols to help guide your trades.

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Best Trading Indicator on the Market

Best Trading Indicator on the Market

Market Cipher combines over 30 years of trading experience to develop a comprehensive trading Indicator.

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Maximize Profits

Maximize Profits

With Market Cipher, you no longer have to execute trades without a great degree of confidence.

Basic Strategies

Risk Calculator

The new Market Cipher risk calculator is a tool to help you manage risks, conceptualize, optimize, and execute your trades more efficiently!

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Market Cipher Testimonials

Community Reviews

"Bought MC yesterday, gave it a spin this morning, in profit with 2 out of 2 trades..."

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Market Cipher A

4 Trading Indicators + Trading Tools

for both beginner and experienced traders

Market Cipher A Icon

Market Cipher A

Market Cipher A is an EMA ribbon comprised of 8 EMAs that are blue/white during a bull market and gray during a bear market. The intersections of these lines can be very strong lagging indications, so we have programmed Cipher A to render symbols that correspond to various indicators so you don’t have to manually interpret each bullish or bearish cross.

Market Cipher B Icon

Market Cipher B

Market Cipher B is an all-in-one oscillator. It combines five algorithms that are fine-tuned for optimal analysis and trading signals. When all of the algorithms converge, Market Cipher B will render a Green Dot signaling a possible uptrend and a Red Dot signaling a downtrend.

Market Cipher SR Icon

Market Cipher SR

Market Cipher SR (Support/Resistance) calculates support and resistance levels as well as Volume Weighted Average Price (VWAP) for the hourly timeframes and below. SR will is a reliable indicator that will help you establish positions and provide you regular opportunities to enter in either direction.

Market Cipher DBSI Icon

Market Cipher DBSI

Market Cipher DBSI is an all-encompassing momentum indicator that uses a scoring system to interpret the signals of 36 separate momentum indicators on a candle-by-candle basis. A candle with a high score at the bottom signals bullish momentum, while high score at the top signals bearish momentum. The score range starts from -5 to 28.

Market Cipher Academy Icon

Market Cipher Academy

Having a good understanding of Market Cipher Indicators is key to maintaining a successful trading strategy. MC is now offering private and group lessons to help new traders get the best out of Market Cipher. Their educators are trained to help you understand the basics of Market Cipher and technical analysis as well as some advanced concepts you won't learn anywhere else.

Market Cipher Risk Calculator Icon

Market Cipher Risk Calculator

The Market Cipher Risk Calculator was developed to help our customers minimize risk and increase profitability. It removes all uncertainty when calculating proper entry amounts, which is essential to good risk management. Calculator fields will change color to signal levels of risks, which makes it intuitive to use.

See What Market Cipher
Customers Are Saying

scottieschmitz - November 16, 2022

Hello Flopping Gropper and CF. I purchased the 1 year MC last year to try it out to see if I would use it. I at first could not figure out how it would work for me so I stopped using it, then I tried again 3 months ago and finally figured it out. I only use cypher be and have developed my own BLUE WAVE divergence trade. I also use it to trade the DOW CFD and BTC only. In the last few months I am up over 30k I am going to put this as a testimonial as well. I could not have done it without the blue wave. I am also now a FUNDED trader with FTMO and trade a 200k account and am working on getting a $400k account. I am not active in the community as I stay very focused

TheRealHomerSimpson - June 12, 2022

Its gets fun and addicting when you start winning more than losing. If you are new or maybe youve been around for a while and just cant seem to grasp it my number one advice is it look back eveerytime anything every pump or dumped and analyze every time frame up to that pump and watch where everything is like moneyfow waves, blue waves. vwap rsis.... everything. when something is about to pop everything lines up... everything is fractal.

rogvarok - May 24, 2022

Market cipher has been super fun to learn so far. I'm 1 month into trading and have put 100% of my effort into it. All together this account was funded with about $500. It really works. My favorite combo is MC B combined with MC SR. I can spot key levels of support/resistance easier, and use the money flow and momentum waves of MC B to get a very basic but very strong sense of market direction. I wait for a thick green or red money flow wave, combined with a solid peak on momentum waves as a signal that we may be near the end of a run before i open my trades. This strat combined with low leverage, sticking to 15min-1hr time frames, and averaging/laddering into my trades has been very effective as a beginner trader. Learning new things from discord every day as well. Its definitely not easy but I think anyone can have this win rate with enough effort and patience.

JacobTheAmish - May 17, 2022

My 12 months comes to an end this week. Its been emotional and a great learning experience. Not sure how I will manage without FG's insight. I will still be watching CF's streams, I like your humour buddy and the funny noises. I married myself a real Amber Heard, so spending any money is under scrutiny. Maybe I will be back once I've got myself out of this abusive marriage. Word of advice to any lads not married, DO NOT GET MARRIED, there is no upside to it in anyway whatsoever. Good luck and happy TA-ing

Nightshade - May 8, 2022

I am coming up on my 1 year mark using Market Cipher, What a journey it has been... From Not understanding anything to a consistent and confident strategy, all in less than a year. Thank you Crypto Face and Flopping for the amazing support, tutorials, and confidence you offer with your product, and a thanks to Evan Aldo for the clarity he provided to help me develop different strategies. I jumped headfirst into MC during the may crash 2021, after witnessing Crypto faces livestream, And I haven't looked back since. For all you Minnows out there like me, Risk management and consistent strategy for me is key, learn to use the risk calculator.

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