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scottieschmitz - November 16, 2022

Hello Flopping Gropper and CF. I purchased the 1 year MC last year to try it out to see if I would use it. I at first could not figure out how it would work for me so I stopped using it, then I tried again 3 months ago and finally figured it out. I only use cypher be and have developed my own BLUE WAVE divergence trade. I also use it to trade the DOW CFD and BTC only. In the last few months I am up over 30k I am going to put this as a testimonial as well. I could not have done it without the blue wave. I am also now a FUNDED trader with FTMO and trade a 200k account and am working on getting a $400k account. I am not active in the community as I stay very focused

TheRealHomerSimpson - June 12, 2022

Its gets fun and addicting when you start winning more than losing. If you are new or maybe youve been around for a while and just cant seem to grasp it my number one advice is it look back eveerytime anything every pump or dumped and analyze every time frame up to that pump and watch where everything is like moneyfow waves, blue waves. vwap rsis.... everything. when something is about to pop everything lines up... everything is fractal.

rogvarok - May 24, 2022

Market cipher has been super fun to learn so far. I'm 1 month into trading and have put 100% of my effort into it. All together this account was funded with about $500. It really works. My favorite combo is MC B combined with MC SR. I can spot key levels of support/resistance easier, and use the money flow and momentum waves of MC B to get a very basic but very strong sense of market direction. I wait for a thick green or red money flow wave, combined with a solid peak on momentum waves as a signal that we may be near the end of a run before i open my trades. This strat combined with low leverage, sticking to 15min-1hr time frames, and averaging/laddering into my trades has been very effective as a beginner trader. Learning new things from discord every day as well. Its definitely not easy but I think anyone can have this win rate with enough effort and patience.

JacobTheAmish - May 17, 2022

My 12 months comes to an end this week. Its been emotional and a great learning experience. Not sure how I will manage without FG's insight. I will still be watching CF's streams, I like your humour buddy and the funny noises. I married myself a real Amber Heard, so spending any money is under scrutiny. Maybe I will be back once I've got myself out of this abusive marriage. Word of advice to any lads not married, DO NOT GET MARRIED, there is no upside to it in anyway whatsoever. Good luck and happy TA-ing

Nightshade - May 8, 2022

I am coming up on my 1 year mark using Market Cipher, What a journey it has been... From Not understanding anything to a consistent and confident strategy, all in less than a year. Thank you Crypto Face and Flopping for the amazing support, tutorials, and confidence you offer with your product, and a thanks to Evan Aldo for the clarity he provided to help me develop different strategies. I jumped headfirst into MC during the may crash 2021, after witnessing Crypto faces livestream, And I haven't looked back since. For all you Minnows out there like me, Risk management and consistent strategy for me is key, learn to use the risk calculator.

Royalfresh - May 4, 2022

Been rocking with market cipher for a long while now and I gotta say it's one of them ones. You gotta gain the experience to understand how great of a indicator it is. Definitely brings Confidence in your trading , analysis and execution. Respect to the homie Crypto face🤝🏿💯

DivergenceHunter - April 15, 2022

It feels good to be finally winning. Been trading for about 16 months and the first year was brutal. After much discipline and calibration, things are finally starting to go in to the green. Thank you Jesus, Thank you Crypto Face & Market Cipher, and Thank you Jayson Casper. Much love

zulutango999 - March 29, 2022

I've now become a life time member of Market Cipher. This has made me some nice returns and every day is about learning and living to trade another day. This platform is worth every single penny and I'm able to pay for it based upon my profits 😎

Jatinder - March 27, 2022

Heartfelt thanks to cryptoface and FG for making my life with that of my families better. If anybody talk smack about this community they need there dome checked. God bless the brothers and this community.

cryptonowknown - March 15, 2022

Indicators amazing. After stopped listening to influencers and CF signals . Became very profitable. fg monthly chart Analysis pretty useless too never seen him post anything useful you couldn't find on CF is a overall original gangster. He shouldn't post signals tho. Not his area to worry about. And if they don't go like 80% of his 2021 calls. he'd have alot less hate. His trading bot enters his trades for him. And then he goes live. Don't compare yourself to a computer code. You'll get profitable when you stop listening to others and use this indicator as your own and study it. Testimonial is. Market cipher is one of a kind and always will be the only indicator needed. But this discord channel can be very toxic with everyone thinking they know it all. And they get rekt and everyone else active in here rekt too. The ones who don't post are the profitable ones

spencerlogan - February 7, 2022

I've been using Market Cipher for a while and I want to point out an amazing feature that's been helping me determine fair stop losses that I don't think exists in any other indicator. I entered on the trigger wave that the yellow arrow is pointing at and set my stop loss directly under the yellow circles in Market Cipher SR. The price came right to those yellow circles and immediately reversed. That's a pretty amazing tool for figuring out where to put limit orders or stop losses. I've been able to crank leverage without worrying if I'm going to get stopped out too quickly. Thanks MC.

Prolificjointz.eth - January 10, 2022

whats good MC community after seen the success and intricacy thru @CryptoFace streams i had to try and with in 48 freaking hours im up 30 percent and been scalp trading like crazy over the weekend :MC: ..... want to thank you guy for this beautiful product and that you for letting e be a part of this dope af community

burdo - December 31, 2021

Just want to share that I am getting good using MC. It took me more or less a year to get to understand it. But once you start reading it good, the opportunities are infinite. This was a trade made last week, ORN is waking up now. Manage to caught a sweet position before explosion. Thank you so much CF and Flopping for making this tool!

i love you! - December 23, 2021

this is my market cipher testimony. I started off with $150 and with about 10 trades over the course of 10 days at low leverage 5 or 10 leverage i turned it into $350 with 100% winrate or going even. I was getting upset because it was nowhere near my goal of $5000. I wasnt confident in a trade but was tired of being stagnent so the recent LONG that was just in cryptofaces video, i thought it would go short. long story short i lost only 100 dollars thanks to the stoploss. i was upset and went 50x even though i was told not to by many videos. my now 250 dollars is 97 dollars and i am never going anything more than 10 x. if you do not withdrawl your profits you will rush things. so now because i had a 100% winrate or going even at least, i will deposit $1000 and take every single profit that i make from that $1000. if you do not take profit you will rush eventually take your profit. thanks for reading and i will never go 50 x again

Old Krypto - December 17, 2021

Long due testimonial, I'll try to keep it short. To put it in context: Been holding since early 2017, only discovered leverage, charts & Market Cipher around january 2021. First thing, when my 6 months subscription was about to expire I realised I still know nothing and can't operate without Market Cipher. Also infos we get here like, just the "Sell in may walk away" call alone was worth more than the membership. I felt like writting this testimonial because thanks to Market Cipher, for the first time ever I could buy TONS of gifts for my wife, mom & grandma + ordered the craziest food for the party. With last night great short call, I'm even gonna be able to get another round of gifts in time. To anyone starting who might feel a little discouraged at first, just keep going, reading the indicator gets clearer and clearer with time. Thank you to Crypto Face & Flopping Groper. Thank you to the whole team working here. Thank you to Jayson Casper & Evan Aldo for the tutorials. I wish you all a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year in advance.

PHIL - December 10, 2021

ay whats goin on guys, figured id stop in to say that mc has changed my life tremendously. About a year ago I was a complete full degen gambler who would dump all my savings into slot machines, blackjack, and online games. I hit my big win that was being chased for awhile and bought mc to try to get myself out of the gambling mentality and more into the educated guesses scene. These past few months I have gone from a dead end ass job to buying a sprinter van benz and living on road and traveling full time. Market Cipher is a game changer in the crypto world and I am looking forward to tons more profits with all of you! Love you cf and fg

EagleMoon - December 8, 2021

Hello Everyone, Just want to say that MC is the best utility for newcomers as well as veterans. I really appreciate The CF and MC team making it easier for us to see which way CC's are heading and to maximize our gains or minimize our losses. It's absolutely the best software to apply to your tools in trading. I'm fairly new and have been doing trades for about 1 1/2 months but without this software it would be hard for me to project directions. also love that MC and CF has provided a discord group which feels really good for any type of support related to MC also being apart of trades is a plus. I'm really grateful to be apart of the MC and CF family. Thank you and God Bless!

eatmyshorts - December 6, 2021

Market cipher is a beautiful machine. I have been playing with it for the last two months and the progress shows. After Christmas it’ll probably be a fair well to wage cucking and hello to market ciphering. Market cipher just works and is in its own league. Keep up the hardwork CF and FG, your material is out of this world

Watchmedropship - December 1, 2021

Whats up everyone.. I run another business full time and got into using MC in my free time to do a small account challenge. In under 2 weeks starting off with $400 I have 5x my account and really appreciate the classy community formed here. Looking forward to meeting more of you and spreading the love and knowledge. Important lessons I have learned that made me successful trading is to be patient #1 and not force trades. When I first started using MC I was trying to look for things that where not there. When I became more mindful of my environment and played the longer times 1hr+ with entries on lower time frames to catch the momentum everything just started clicking for me. Lets make the end of this year a banger.. Thanks CF and FG, you guys rock!

PnutBuda - November 28, 2021

I've had MC for not even a week and already have made the cost of a 12 month subscription! Very happy customer! I believe it is an extremely undervalued product. Thank you @CryptoFace and @FG

Jatinder - November 11, 2021

Guys I just wanted to share and say. Making great trades aside. Face and his bro. Are doing gods work. The amount of people I have managed to help through crypto because of MC and the streams face and FG do is amazing. Ive had people unable to make rent and being almost on streets to back on their feet with this community. Had ppl lose jobs cause of jabs and desperate with no way to turn figure a way out. Been quiet been studying but most importantly grateful for all the help you guys have given to all. Its bigger than the money. Its gods work when you give the lost hope. Love you guys.❤️

Mansion - October 31, 2021

I just want to thank @CryptoFace and @FG (CF and I will never DM you) again for changing my life and being so generous. I know @CryptoFace mission statement was to help people around the world and I just want you to know that I appreciate it.

Jihad - October 28, 2021

Here is my success story with Market Cipher, I used to work for a call center taking about 100 or so calls a day working the dead job never getting anywhere until I received a call that changed my life forever. one of my calls I received the customer introduced me to Market cipher and after watching all of @CryptoFace tutorials listening to @FG (CF and I will never DM you) and watching how he trades also receiving great advice from @Halloween28 I was able to flip $100 into 10 bitcoin in a year. Since then I have left my job and I will never go back to working a normal job again in my life and Market Cipher is now 100% of my life. If you follow @CryptoFace tutorials and listen to the advice he has shared you can turn your life around as well. @CryptoFace @FG (CF and I will never DM you) @Halloween28 I am extremely grateful for everything you have shown me.

Jerry Massey - October 21, 2021

After watching @CryptoFace for several months, I finally took the splurge and purchased a lifetime subscription to Market Cipher. I have been a subscriber for a couple of months now and I am blown away. As with anything, the more you do something, you better you get at it. And with the educational components provided, CF and @FG (CF and I will never DM you) make sure you have their longtime knowledge and resources available at your fingertips. I think the biggest thing I have earned so far is not necessarily the wins I have accumulated, but the confidence that i have developed in my trading by using the product. I will also add that there is no more fiddling around for me in how to set up my charts. All of the MC indicators are what you need in my opinion. A clean and colorful look makes figuring out patterns much simpler than from using other indicators. I still have a ways to go in order to master MC, but so far, so good. I'm a very satisfied customers. And hey...who doesn't like entertaining YouTube streams as well! Just more added value to this great community. Thank you CF and FG!

Jay_Casper - October 21, 2021

What can I say? I literally cannot trade without Market Cipher. I was at my friends house the other day looking at BTC charts. He doesn’t have MC, and I realized I was completely useless at doing analysis without MC. I’m so used to it being there that I forget that it’s a separate thing and not part of the chart lol. I need them nice juicy momentum humps and that sweet sweet velvet money flow. Maybe some yellow Xs too if I’m feeling bearish

DarthWader - October 20, 2021

I joined MC yesterday? or day before IDK its all a green and red blurrrr really. But MC indicators have paid for themselves already. I am trading profitable right from the start. Lets GO!

fateofsamm - October 8, 2021

I’m someone who’s always depended on TA to make trades, but even with incredible TA you still cannot be sure whether to place a trade or not. I’ve blown up several accounts on my journey, lost over 100k, until I stumbled across CF’s stream around a month ago. This indicator is incredible, it’s a game changer, it’s a LIFE CHANGER. You must know how to interpret all the moving parts however, but if you can combine Market Cipher with some basic support and resistance levels, breakout patterns? You’ll never lose another trade. Wow. To Crypto Face, your brother and the elder guy, thank you so much for this, what you’ve made here is revolutionary and you should be extremely proud of yourselves honestly. I’ve got a year subscription but will be getting the lifetime shortly. God bless.

Dolabits - October 5, 2021

I spent the last 3 months watching every CF and FG tutorial Bought Market Cipher a week ago and converted $400 to $1100 I have developed a 6-point checklist that each must tick right for me to open Longs When I Longs, I stay in the trade for 4 Hours These profits might be too tiny to most of you, but mean a lot to me. Here are my current Longs! Let’s Go BABY!!

Jatinder - October 1, 2021

This is way overdue. I have really started to use this indicator way better than when I started. Id just like to say hands down its the dogs bollocks nothing else comes close. Its everything you need in one and really does get you those entries you dream of. The community is the best out there and its a privilege to be part of the MC Gang. Salute To CF and Flopping Groper for all you have done.

[MTDRS] General Aventador - October 1, 2021

Just wanted to thank you guys, since using market cipher I have literally pulled off 90 percent of my trades in profit. Obviously there is still much to learn but I can’t say thanks enough. I might not be a massive whale but I’m doing ok with what I have. I got this email from Binance the other day, just wanted to share what market cipher has done for me

Galix - September 22, 2021

This is the best indicator for trading. When you understand and spend time with Market Cipher more professional you become. Literally buy at the bottom and sell at the top. Buy Bitcoin at 29k and sell at 52k thanks to Market Cipher. It is very worth buying this indicator. Thank you CF and all your team!

TheRealHomerSimpson - September 5, 2021

One of the best ways to really learn how to trade is by losing. I’ve lost many times and it hurt every time . It either makes or break you. I took a few weeks off and came back with one intention. To win. No matter how small the win was a win is a win. The most important thing I did was watch crypto faces videos over and over and over. It took a long time for everything to click. And it was really damn simple it made me mad af but I quickly humbled myself. I payed to learn baby. MAKE SURE All OF YOUR TIME FRAMES ARE TELLING YOU THE SAME STORY.

Pedro12 - September 4, 2021

Hi to All, A big thanks for MC and all the efforts that went in to creating this amazing tool. I have been trading for some time now but usisg MC took my game to stratosphere. Wish you all the best and thank you again !!:kissing_heart:

fastwheels30 - September 3, 2021

Wheels based out of Australia... Although I have completed training in Technical Chart Patterns trends, I have learnt the hard way how not to trade loosing a lot of money. Emotional decisions and high leverage killed me. Since then I have sat on the sidelines for a lot of time trying to get my head right and find successful people to learn from and follow. That's how I found Crypto Face and have been following ever since. I purchased MC, watching the tutorials on how to use the indicator as designed. The Indicator package is truly awesome. I am now slowly and patiently building back up my lost bank. Shout out to CF & the Team as the education & tools you have put together is the real deal & I am confident in time of hitting my targets. Thanks Legend

cgraham6919 - August 18, 2021

I am from South Africa, Cape Town and watched CF on Crypto Banter and i am super proud of CF for making a HUGE contribution to South African Lives this afternoon. Not only offering a 20% discount but also allowing the Crypto Banter channel to give away 3 lifetime memberships plus a $1000 in their account. CF and Market Cipher community i am a proud South African and very proud of the work CF and FG is doing for ppl all around the world. WOW sir you are amazing

ritali - August 1, 2021

I'm a pretty skeptical person, so it was a big leap of faith for me to lay down the money for MC. I'm also not some one who really writes reviews that often. That all being said, MC is a 5/5 product that has paid for itself many times over. I've been using MC for about 6-7 months and I'm very happy and grateful that I took that leap of faith and trusted the MC team. Speaking of which, the MC team is great and so is the community. CF and FG also offer a refreshing amount of brutal honesty which I greatly appreciate. Big thanks to the MC team and thanks for such a great product.

fartsupreme - July 30, 2021

I’ve been in car sales since i was 18 and I’m 33.. one of the cardinal rules is if the client genuinely likes their salespersons and they’ve successfully instilled a sense of confidence in you then the deal is done. i didn’t buy MC bc i think it’s single handedly going to tell me everything and make me rich.. i bought it bc i honestly am fond of CF, i think he’s cool, solid sense of humor, plays WoW and LoL, and he’s someone that if i was back in grade school I’d totally wanna be friends with. FG too. Honest. MC does work, it has the indicators that you need if your going to be using indicators and they seem to be dialed in just right. as he says use it as a tool, its not gonna do it all for you and you still have to use your brain.

cryptobanker - July 26, 2021

The more I learn, the more I become confident. Thanks for all the mistakes i made in the past, thanks to the market cipher team and I am happy to be part of this amazing community. We are a GANG.

CryptoCaptain - July 21, 2021

I’m so happy with Market Cypher, I’m very new at trading. My day job is an airline captain and have always been interested in trading. Yesterday I made about $170dlls total profit from several trades and just following what Crypto Faces says on his videos about the momentum waves was enough to make me be confident that I was doing the right trade plus I was on his live stream yesterday screaming at the TV too when the price was going down and I was avail to ride it all the way down!!! Thanks to Crypto Face, his Brother and the rest of the MC team you guys are awesome!!! Love this shit!!!

TheGoldChef - July 13, 2021

What an unbelievable piece of powerful software. Takes a little dedication, but when you nail it, you nail it. This was MY FIRST live trade with the software. This was after 10 negative trades (I would always exit the second I saw it going against me. I had zero confidence in my trades before this and would simply chase the trend). If this isn't proof, I'm not sure what else you need.

mutan73 - July 7, 2021

The market cipher are extremely awesome, after one week of view, read and practice at testnet, i started at Sunday, a lot of scalping, and some intraday, with almost all good positive profits, really happy with +120% of my total wallet funds up, good moments. And people at the scalp-trading-floor and swing-trading-floor makes a good enviroment at discord, i'm learning a lot from that's chats of how to interpreted the cipher market signs at hot moments, a lot of knowledge between lines in this chat, thanks to all the tribe, keep on howlin' to the moon and makin f'kin money on the road. lml

BunnyKing - July 2, 2021

Hello everybody Im new here... In the last 60 days Ive lost 30k.. BUT IM NOT GIVING UP. im here to invest in my future, to learn about the markets, how to chart, and become successful at trading. I stand here before you today to confess my L's and reclaim my coin using the MC tool. I'm going be disciplined and study hard. Im determined to change my life and I have CF to thank for this opportunity.

RRancid - June 28, 2021

New to trading. After a few weeks of impatience, flopping and groping and stupid little losses (which all add up :rolling_eyes:). This last week I've absolutely nailed it. Learned to trust the indicator and have patience that things will play out as I expect them to based on what :MC: is telling me This is an absolute game changer and I can't thank you enough. In the last week I've made back what I'd lost in the previous 4-5 weeks and even a little bit more which I withdrew as profit and have confidence that my account is gonna grow going forward. Thank you so much

BlueDotBob - June 27, 2021

All I have to say is that DBSI is a complete game changer. Market Cipher A, B, and SR are extremely effective and have made me plenty of money, but DBSI has allowed me to absolutely nail entries and exits. Everyone knows the saying "you won't nail the bottoms and you won't nail the tops, but that's okay because money is made in the middle". Well, let me tell you folks that with Market Cipher DBSI, you are much closer to nailing the tops and bottoms. In one trade, and with the confidence of DBSI, I made more than enough to cover an annual membership. Phenomenal indicator, on a scale of 1-10, I give it a 20.

irmarcus - June 15, 2021

Market Cipher has been a life-changing experience for me. I've been investing in crypto for a while, but only recently started trading regularly, along with using leverage. Things started as it could've been expected, I lost plenty of money and had no idea what I was doing. When I started using MC, I still had no clue and it felt overwhelming at first, but CryptoFace and Flopping Groper have incredible tutorial videos that make MC one of the simplest and most effective tools I've ever used in trading. Although I'm still a trading n00b, I've been winning way more trades, been feeling way more confident in my decisions, and have been having a lot of fun doing this while making money on the side. Thank you for this awesome and affordable tool CF & FG!

ricketycrick - June 8, 2021

I'm really starting to dig MC. I feel like i used to do this shit blind. I was barely profitable, now I have indications to tell me that I'm probably retarded and shouldn't open a trade. It's beautiful, I'm getting less mentally disabled by the hour. Thanks MC.

GonzoRoach - June 2, 2021

@CryptoFace Bought 5 month Market cipher back in February was able to make some pretty awesome ganes. Just found out two weeks ago that I'm a match to donate my mother a kidney who has kidney failure and is on dialysis three times a week. Was able to pay up my rent for 2 months with my games and have money for bills since I will be out of work for a little while. All thanks to Market cipher and crypto face. Much love man keep it going you're changing lives. I will be renewing my subscription as soon as I'm able to save up for it again. Definitely a worthwhile investment. Thanks for all support and advice from everyone on the discord. I hope everyone is well and keeps doing well and I'll catch you around the next bend.

apprehensive_AI - June 2, 2021

No need to post a PNL or proof of successful trades. If you're here, you already know. If you can check your emotions, MC is really all you need to be successful. Good shit MC fam! Love the indicators, updates, and active cf & fg analysis channel. If you aren't making money and your'e here it is time to look into doing something else!

Kanard - May 19, 2021

Thank you so much for your TA. I sold a ton of my Eth at 4200 because of you. I just bought it back at 2200. Almost doubling my Eth holdings of several hundred K. I love market cipher but this discord chat is worth just as much. Also thank you for all of your videos. It was the combo of FG and CF that made me take such a large amount off the table. I’m here for the long term so usd price does not matter the important thing is I doubled my Eth holdings. Moving the half over I just made to the long term hodl and continuing to trade with the same regular account. Can’t thank you guys enough. You are positively impacting many lives. There will always be people who won’t listen to great advise. But forget about them their greed is blinding to facts. Thank you both again so much.

alexrmz_10 - May 17, 2021

I got into crypto in March of this year and the gains were amazing, however, I didn't understand that taking profits, getting in and out, was important in making more BTC. I went from 90K gain to a -11K loss. Now that I am learning how to read the MC charts, I see where I went wrong. I look forward to whats to come now....I want my mom to never ever worry about money for the rest of her life now that my pops is gone. Cheers to investing/trading with a more sophisticated eye thanks to MC!!

redruM133 - May 13, 2021

I discovered crypto Dec 12, 2020. I liquidated EVERYTHING except my rental properties and went all in crypto! Total Noob play, but I needed to do something. My son is disabled and I have to secure financial means to support him after I'm gone. MC has given me the confidence to make trades that almost always end in profit. However, my greed almost always gets the best of me. Watching a +25K move to a -65K liquidation is gut wrenching. I'm down 1.3 BTC total so I've stopped using leverage. Now for the good news... I took a hard look at myself and did a complete reset! I'm trading without leverage (ETH, ADA, XRP, & VET) and I'm up BIG TIME. Increasing my bags is my play and MC with the new DBSI has been an 80% win rate with those coins. Buying low and selling high, rinse and repeat without leverage is my success. I'm no longer worried about our future, thank you CF & FG! p.s. my son loves our new Porsche! VROOOM! and we don't like Tesla electric bs garbo.

sirimport - May 11, 2021

I just want to say thank you market cipher... I am a life time member and loving it... if possible I would join the afterlife membership if I could haha... today alone I entered 3 trades and exited with over 3 eth in profits mostly using the dbsi as my first indicator. Then I go to dot, money wave, momentum waves... all in the lower time frames .... back out to larger time frames to see the trend then back to lower timeframes to enter.... All the tutorials thought me a lot and man market cipher is just awesome... much love to everyone at MC

guybuddy - May 11, 2021

It's taken time, loses, wins, and hard work. As the man himself always says "TRUST THE INDICATOR". It's easy to think you just bought the key to sick gains, but, you bought the lock so find the key and sick gains you will have friends. Just don't flope and grop and have patience! Love the tool and community here, many thanks. Ps ~ dbsi is

blancoeme - May 10, 2021

Hi from Argentina! I've been using MC for about a month, I've studied TA and Elluot theory in EWI (really helps to understand context) and I've gone through CF videos and strategies over and over. I have a "small" account 20k, and MC is just unbeatable. I dont operate with leverage and in my case leav8ng behind the "technical approach" and having a more "organic" understanding of the assets, which MC offers from my perspective, has been a real breakthrotugh and had a huge impact in my profits and results. I really love MC because its a 360° view of the market and the asset that really makes a difference. So gratefull of CF and FG work and for sharing this awesome Indicator!

twowayjay - May 6, 2021

I just purchased MC and the Jayson Casper training yesterday, although I have been following CF for months. Following good TA (from The Moon) and CF livestreams I have been able to turn $15k life savings into $110 so far. I can’t wait to come back and post again once I’ve finished Jayson Casper’s course and put MC to work. Thank you to CF - FG - and Jayson Casper. You guys are a huge influence on my being able to build generational wealth for my entire family!

Taylou - May 5, 2021

I spent half the price of a lifetime membership of MC on an indicator that only led to me loosing trades over and over, I had always to rely on TA to overcome the lack of indications. After seeing MC in action in your streams and with other crypto guys videos I’ve fell in love with what MC offers, I’m consistently recovering my account with confidence since I’ve bought MC Lifetime (no luck on the giveaways:blush:). I had not doubt’s that it would be worth every penny, and the one tool that would help me grow my capital. I’m just one more amazed with the new addition DBSI, this numbers are just Bulletproof, the range really helps sense the trend and anticipate moves, and alongside with the MC-B, it is just mind blowing. PS: It’s been hard to focus on day work and not follow your streams, that’s for the insights you provide and funny moments. Keep up the good work, cheers!

Cryptominder - May 5, 2021

Hello Everyone, I have been doing 12 years trading, you can find me on Youtube as Cryptominder! MC has given me 15% more monthly of what I used to get! Much more confidence and pleasure on trading. Also in forex!

Cybershvdow - May 5, 2021

I quit my job last December to pursue my passions in life. I have been watching Bitboys channel for sometime now and I came across CF and MC in his channel. LET ME TELL YOU WHAT... MarketCiper (MC) and the DBSI indicators are the freakin truth, the freakin truth. I can visually see what is going on in front of me, in real time, when using these amazing indicators. MarketCipher (MC) is very easy to read, as well as the DBSI indicator and they both help me identify the perfect trading entries and exits. My trading experience since I bought the lifetime package has been amazing. I still have a lot of learning to do, but most importantly, I am having a fun, using these indicators. Keep in mind I have only been trading since February. 3 months now and I'm still here. I'm not tappin out anytime soon. Thank you CF and FG for building these indicators, and having a great community for us to be apart of.

Earth Knows - May 3, 2021

I first heard about MC on BitBoy Crypto channel, and I saw CF on the channel. Loved CF's energy and passion shining through about the Crypto market and trading. I did a bit of simple math about what I had, what I could possibly do with MC and it was a no-brainer. I immediately went lifetime less than 2 weeks ago and already it has more than paid for itself. Now looking at just pure profit from here. Thank you so much CF and FG for making such a great indicator software. Me, from having ZERO knowledge /experience of trading of ANY kind... having only ever put FIAT money into FATASS banks hands, coming in to ByBit with MC / Tradeview has been the best move I've done in years. This is fast becoming my primary income. No bosses, no customers! the potential is HUGE. Just gonna keep smart, keep listening and watching the market and CF (his videos are pure gold for learning) and keep pushing the pencil deep into the pencilnecks.

Mr.D - May 3, 2021

I started playing around with MC a few months ago. I bought the 1 year subscription to check it out with the attitude that if I can learn to use it right then I will essentially get the lifetime membership for free if I pay for it with my profits. I watched the tutorials but my dumbass didn't listen, I flopped, I groped, but I was determined. I started watching CF stream and I would just watch what he did when looking at the charts, listening to any bit of wisdom that he shared and sticking to the strategy. Then it all just clicked. In the last week I took some spare ETH, and managed to 3x it in about 5 days. This wasn't just pure luck. I listened to CF. I looked at the things he tells us to look at 200 times per stream. The stuff pencil necks refuse to hear. My next goal is to make enough to buy the lifetime subscription and then start working towards that 'Rari. CF and FG are legends. Thanks for this amazing product. Thanks for showing us how to use it.

Mark Sr. - May 3, 2021

Harping on what ceci said this tool has given me more confidence, wisdom, and conviction on when and how to jump in and out of plays. I am currently using for stocks too not just crypto and liking what I'm seeing thank you so much for helping me in this journey of generational wealth.

gcal4588 - April 2, 2021

I just want to say thank you to @CryptoFace and the entire time. Last week I was about to kamikaze as I had lost thousands and just getting my ass handed to me when I decided to pull the trigger and get marker cipher (and definitely the market situation helped) but from those lows I have 3x my portfolio in 7 days and I just want to say thank you. You saved me with your videos (I’ve watched all of them and scalped all the information from some of the just the live trading non instructional videos) and I’ve learned so much and just added another tool which arguably will be the life changing one. So thank you and I can’t wait to follow up later this year with some real life changing updates and full believe i will thanks to market cipher

Strait Jackit 7 - March 28, 2021

This is how much I believe in Market Cipher and myself and what I can do. I don't come from a trading background, I have made bad trades that cost me hundreds of dollars and have always guessed and hoped and lost. With market cipher and all the info and tutorial videos and watch the live streams and with everything. I just want to say thank you, I have a goal to make trading my primary income and not have to work a 9 to 5 and be free of the rat race. I see people making more money is a few hours than what I make in a year. I know money isn't everything but in order to do what I want I need money to be free to do the things I love. Making music, spending time with family, traveling etc. I just what to say thank you to Crypto Face for giving people the tools to help change peoples lives. Thank you

Boondock - March 25, 2021

I've had MC for over a month now and have been trading for several years with other indicators. I gotta say Market Cipher knows what's up. This game is all about momentum and to be able to see volume and money flow all in one place is a godsend. People that are losing aren't using it properly with at least 3 confirmations. Doing that is almost like seeing into the future. Market Cipher gives you the confidence and the information to not gamble but see the battlefield from a generals perspective. Thanks CryptoFace thanks market cipher team and community. Great indicator. Use it correctly with fundamentals and you shall succeed. Good luck but you probably won't need it.

Hytek - March 21, 2021

I found Market Cipher through Bitboy's Youtube channel and was very hesitant to get it, but I can honestly say that if you put in the time and effort to learn how it works then it really does work and it works extremely well. It has been 3 weeks now and starting out with $1k I've earned back 75% of the 1 year subscription fee already. It has definitely improved my trading and ability to get entrees that are much more solid from the start.

King.Kandola - March 18, 2021

Where do i start, I lost my job last year from the pandemic but luckily had savings. In January i found cf channel and thought fuk it im gonna try it out. started off with 0.4 btc and and 2 months later sitting at 2.4 btc !!!. Honestly market cipher has changed my life and has allowed me to buy my dream car at 19, big upgrade from the volkswagen polo on the left lol ! safe to say i dont think i will every work again! Eternally grateful to @CryptoFace and @flopping groper keeping doing what ur doing and ignore the pencil necks. Going to get a sleeve done around it so will update you all when i do. To everyone who is starting out please please preserve your capital and trust me just follow the tutorials even if you have to watch it 10 times !!! Peace

Piedus - March 13, 2021

I started with trading exactly 1 month ago. After 3 weeks I was down 2k with doing small trades in and out, long and short. I then realized scared money make no money and went in with bigger positions (up to 50.000 on 10x sofar). This has profen to be the right thing for me and I am up now 600 dollars with 10 out of 10 trades in the green! It took a while to get to understand MC. You just need to read it, watch the videos/you tube and invest a lot of time. I took it serious and went 4 weeks deep, often with nights of only 3 hours sleep, having been nonstop on my computer. After becoming break even yesterday BEFORE the new ATH, I spend today the first time NOT behind my computer and did no trading (Ok, just a small one before breakfast with a 40+ outcome). Instead, I went snowboarding. It was enlightening to see the pump happening whilst riding the snow!

GreyHat - March 13, 2021

I was part of the ATH experience tonight, we hit 60k+. What an amazing time to be alive! Thank you for giving me a way to be a part of this movement and to change my life! I have never felt more hopeful about the future and I feel very welcomed in this community. Thank you so much everyone and CF and FG for all the knowledge you freely share. I started off reckless trading and loosing almost all my budget, but I stepped back, watched more CF and FG vids, and tonight I got a big bag! Many more to come! Peace, love and light y'all!!

kody1 - March 9, 2021

I have been a subscriber now for three weeks. Started using MC and got REKT. I stopped and looked up all the available videos on its use and turned my REKT into a 43% gain. You will not lose using MC unless you do what I did in the beginning. Stop to learn before you jump in with money. CF hands on videos are huge knowledge nuggets to. Thanks my trades paid for the lifetime several times over. Thanks for helping the little guys.

Grega Rojc - March 8, 2021

I am probably one of the biggest crypto noobs ever, but with MC I've finally started making some money. Crypto Face is a gift from God. For the first time in years I yet again dare to believe that one day I'll obtain financial freedom for myself and my two daughters. Thank you, sir. Really, Crypto Face, thank you so much. And thank you for all this live events. The very first one I have ever seen has earned me 500 USD, which (for me) is a lot. THANK YOU.

cognac - March 3, 2021

So I purchased Market Cipher on Feb. 16 and have been backtesting several strategies since then. Personally I will be swing trading on the 4h/24m charts and MC is a must have for this strategy. I started trading confidently since March 1 and will track my ROE. From March 1 until now I have achieved a ROE of 10%. May seem small but I'm also following my risk management rules, which says that the maximum risk on each trade will be 1% (even if I hit SL, I only lose 1% of my portfolio). So 3 days in and very pleased with the results. Big shoutout to the whole team of MC for the additional content and this discord!

KellyKellam - February 26, 2021

Bought the Market Cypher lifetime two days ago. Was super excited and overly anxious to trade and made a loosing trade- my fault! Then forced my self to watch every tutorial video you guys have and read the ebook, and did some mock trades based on what I learned. Pulled the trigger today and all four (although small trades) I did today were winners. Made 0.15 btc in about 6 hours looking for positions to take. Was only trading with .2 btc. So one day trading and nearly doubled what I was trading with. So I can’t say how happy I am, how much of a fucking revolution to my trading game this is and will be for the future. Thank you for such an excellent indicator, and thank you for your shared knowledge.

Zyxalis - February 23, 2021

If you're reading this, you already purchased MC, so let me tell you when CryptoFace says that anyone can do this, he is absolutely correct! I've been holding since 17 but never thought of trading. They say that's for "pros" and I would just loose money. Well, I was let go from my job at the end of Dec due to covid, so finding myself with a bunch of time on my hands and a pocket full of Biden bucks, I decided to started my Trading education. Spent the entire month of Jan like it was my new job and watched read and researched. CryptoFace, and Flopping Gropers training videos, live trading sessions, and tutorials on youtube are absolute GOLD! I finally got to a point where I felt comfortable that I had at least the basic skills to attempt trading without making a total fool of myself. I started off making a few "baby" trades, $10 or $20 longs on 3x to get a feel for the Bybit platform while looking for a position for a"real" trade. Working the plan, plan the work, scanning the charts and with the help and guidance of the Discord crew, I found a position I liked and applied all my new knowledge. That trade with MC help came up to a gain of .009 Btc (about $450 at todays price) which made back the cost of subscribing to Market Cipher in the first place! CryptoFace said this will happen if you put in the work and apply the skills hes teaching and he delivered!. Thank you for Market Cipher CryptoFace!

Stuffin’things - February 19, 2021

Purchased MC just over three weeks ago (26th January). The result is this magnificent artpiece that I call "Evolution of Monke" My inexperienced trading went well for about a day then I took my first real L. Of course flopping ensued and revenge trading seemed sensible. Revenge trading at high leverages got me my first liquidation. Got market cypher to revenge trade more efficiently, aaaand fell flat on my face. The indicators are wonderful once you realize how to use them. However it is not a magic feather. Don't be me, read the tutorials, don't over leverage, and learn! Using the indicators AND the attached course material, I am on track for a recovery. Lambo in a month! Now if a monkey like me can change his ways and make consistent gains with this, I am sure anyone can.

padair - February 19, 2021

I bought MC on Feb 3rd. Went thru the online manual. Thought I knew what I was doing. Only had about $3K to play with ended up losing aprox $800 before I figured out I didn't know what I was doing. WATCH THE TRAINING VIDEOS! Lookup Flopping Groper and watch his on YT too! After watching all of those past 24hrs.. I've almost made my money back and its still growing!

CommandoKal - February 5, 2021

I just wanted to write this testimonial because I was originally on the fence about purchasing MC due to the price. While I did get it at a discount, I made two trades that netted me approx. $1400 in profit within 48 hours of buying MC. That more than paid for it and I had money left over. I'm brand new to trading and had some decent success in my first two weeks, but this has already doubled my wins. This definitely works for almost any trading methodology -- from people who prefer RSI trendline indications to those who like VWAP. It's a powerful package that deserves your attention if you want success in day trading crypto. Pictured is my current trades. Notice the Total Realized P&L. That only started 3 weeks ago. MC is responsible for $1400 of that. THANK YOU BITBOY AND CRYPTOFACE!

BabaYaga - February 2, 2021

Got back into crypto last March and have been accumulating slowly. As the bull run has gotten stronger I began following a few youtubers to keep up with the market. I flopped around on bybit and got rekt for nearly 18k not really knowing what I was doing. Thanks to Bitboy I discovered Cryptoface and Market Cipher. Took the leap to pick it up and so glad I have. Market Cipher is seriously changing my familys life! Within the the first 2 weeks I am up 14k and growing by the day. One day it just clicked and its all starting to make sense. I'll admit I'm still a newbie and have ALOT to learn but I dont think I could go without MC! Thank you so much CF for creating this amazing life changing tool!!!!

CrypTom - January 26, 2021

Bought MC yesterday, gave it a spin this morning, in profit with 2 out of 2 trades 7x leverage on 400$ each, 1st trade 66$, second 55$ just following the MCA,MCB indicators. so more than 10% just testing it. No more inside questions shall I sell or shall I wait or shall I buy, just so simple if you are not greedy. All the best to creators of MC, you triggered abundance creation for ordinary people! Today is 26.01. It has been 24h since I bought MC membership. I returned my investment into it on the last dip on ETH. It is 27.01. the 2nd day I got the MC, altogether I am up little over 1K...Now that is around 2-3 hours altogether on PC and on mobile following the markets and reacting to indicator. Lets continue the ride!

Caphman - January 26, 2021

Thank God for MC! I just started following crypto in December and due to banking restrictions in my country I couldn't buy in until i switched banks. My first FOMO ETH buy was the 9th.. crashed the next day.. My second buy was the 21st.. crashed the next day but didn't realize until 2 days later because I listened to all these HODLing true believers. Panic sold and was down $5k. BANG!! REKT!! In fact I made SIX wrong moves at the exact wrong time. Bought the tops. Sold the bottoms. This got me thinking.. "There must be people who are trading the exact opposite way that I am.." Heard BITBOY talking about MC. Watched the CF tutorials. Watched the Shoemoney tutorial. Purchased MC the next day. I now sell the Red Dots on the 2-4hr chart and buy back in on the Green Dots. I get a notification from tradingview and can now sleep at night. I call this Whale hunting aka the Super Hodl and is potentially 40+% more profitable than regular hodling. Looking into finding a super hodl bot since I'm totally risk averse. If anyone knows a good way to do this I'd love to hear it! Thank you Crypto Face!! Thank you Flopping Groper! Thank you mysterious old investor guy! A 100X thank you! I love this community thank you for sharing your wisdom! Getting all emotional here lol See you on shuttle to Mars! Peace!!

hustile - January 24, 2021

MC is the truth, ive finally pulled the trigger after a year of watching but being too conservative. my boss pissed me off enough on friday for me to just say F-it, scared money dont make money. already paying for itself, i couldnt be happier, and cannot wait to be able to quit my job. learning to trade before has for sure helped and the tutorials on how to properly use MC has made the transition an instant success.

CryptoBeno - January 20, 2021

Been making steady gains with MC. Recently my country decided to switch off the whole fucking internet for 5 days just to vote for president! I was cut off while in a big trade! Craziest thing is, I actually made good profits probably because the internet blackout forced me to hold the position! Life

jgrnaut - January 18, 2021

Just joined MC this weekend. Jumped into crypto early summer while quarantining and been strictly HODL with all my entries since then - buying dips and trying to avoid FOMO on the runs. That HODL bag is really well funded and diversified now (in descending %: ETH, BTC, LINK, XRP, SNX, ADA, ATOM, BAT), so I’m setting it aside until at least later this year. I’ve been studying the mkt and trying to soak up all I can while I learn the ropes before engaging in active trading with a separate new bag, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m a newb in this space. :joy: Despite that, I think I’m just about ready to make that plunge into scalping & swinging and I’m very excited to join this group - and thank you everyone in advance for the advice/help I’m sure to be seeking. Let’s all crush these profits together. To the moon, ninjas! :crescent_moon:

fantskie - January 14, 2021

Hey guys, just joined the group a few days ago and am excited to be here. Up until I downloaded MC, I made about 5 or 6 swing trades this year and lost every single one. This was my first trade since downloading MC. I bought a small amount of BTC back in 2017 but never did any active trading until a few weeks ago. This group does an awesome job at inspiring new traders and giving insight on where the market is going next. The future is bright, BTC to the moon!

lazarus - January 8, 2021

I joined with a lifetime membership around black Friday. I had about 50k in crypto from mining and running a trade bot. With Market Cipher, I was able to cash out today with over 100k just spot trading! This is truly a game changing tool and easily the best investment I have ever made. Crypto Face and this community have changed my families life. Thank you to CF and this community! It is worth EVERY PENNY!!!

JackBrew - January 2, 2021

Allrighty, here a more detailed review from my experience with Market Cipher(MC fron here). I personally see MC as my personal mentor. It really helps getting rid of your emotional-based trading (like market-trades if you feel like it's going to dump or pump, but BTC instead does the opposite). MC; warns you what is going to happen in (the near) future. You still as a trader need to make you own decisiions like what to do, when to get in, when to get out, but it helps you judging your calls better. Don't overkill the smaller TimeFrames (TF's) and get Rekkt and bitch about it, this is still up to you as a trader to use higher TF's and then make a decision based upon the input of MC. See MC as your Talisman during your journey in the world what we call Crypto-Trading today. As mentioned before, thanks to MC I've earned the spent money back within on day, and it help me accomplish my childhood dream; to be a proud owner of my very own Date Just Rolex :). See the picture 11 comments above.

iHeartHuman - December 25, 2020

CF, I just began using MC a few nights ago. I watched several of the tutorials, studied some past charts, watched some live movement. Finally mustered the courage to enter a trade off the 1hr chart, planning for a shorter term trade. It took about 5-10mins and it something clicked where i really could understand the information from the MC, i could more or less interpret what was happening over the next 1hr, 30min, 15min, 5min cycles. Amazing. Most impressed. I feel so hopeful will be able to help my family and our situation. I have much more to learn, but truly thankful!

cryptomorra - December 25, 2020

Dear CF, my wife and I have a church in California. And during the 2020 pandemic our church got shut down. Church's members started to struggle to pay their bills and to bring food to their table. Members were loosing jobs and getting sick while our church was at a critical point. But we never stop praying because we knew God had something special for us. As a result, Jesus responded with huge blessings from Trader Joe's (twice per week they give us free food for 30 families) and Market Cipher (brings us the money we need to pay bills and help our members). God bless you CF, your family and friends!!! I can only say Merry Christmas and THANK YOU SO VERY MUCH CF and MC!

TradeMeJr - November 20, 2020

As I am still a noob to trading MC has helped me nailed some good trades that I would have otherwise missed when trying to do it on my own. Being a little guy my goal is to try and earn 1 BTC by the end December 2020. CF N Dev team thanks for this awesome piece of software.

THE BIT DAWG - November 18, 2020

Single dad unemployed. Took the chance on btc. Then found @CryptoFace on Crypto Zombie interview (please give him a shoutout). Went BALLS DEEP. Plunged in an bought MC. Would never have found discord for ages, love the community here. Have made more money in the last week than unemployment pays for a month. Finally can be my own boss. Thnks Crypto Face and @flopping groper for the awesome tutorials. You have LITERALLY SAVED my life. THANK YOU SO MUCH.

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