I started playing around with MC a few months ago. I bought the 1 year subscription to check it out with the attitude that if I can learn to use it right then I will essentially get the lifetime membership for free if I pay for it with my profits.

I watched the tutorials but my dumbass didn’t listen, I flopped, I groped, but I was determined. I started watching CF stream and I would just watch what he did when looking at the charts, listening to any bit of wisdom that he shared and sticking to the strategy. Then it all just clicked.

In the last week I took some spare ETH, and managed to 3x it in about 5 days. This wasn’t just pure luck. I listened to CF. I looked at the things he tells us to look at 200 times per stream. The stuff pencil necks refuse to hear. My next goal is to make enough to buy the lifetime subscription and then start working towards that ‘Rari.

CF and FG are legends. Thanks for this amazing product. Thanks for showing us how to use it.