Here is my success story with Market Cipher, I used to work for a call center taking about 100 or so calls a day working the dead job never getting anywhere until I received a call that changed my life forever. one of my calls I received the customer introduced me to Market cipher and after watching all of @CryptoFace tutorials listening to @FG (CF and I will never DM you) and watching how he trades also receiving great advice from @Halloween28 I was able to flip $100 into 10 bitcoin in a year. Since then I have left my job and I will never go back to working a normal job again in my life and Market Cipher is now 100% of my life. If you follow @CryptoFace tutorials and listen to the advice he has shared you can turn your life around as well. @CryptoFace @FG (CF and I will never DM you) @Halloween28 I am extremely grateful for everything you have shown me.