Allrighty, here a more detailed review from my experience with Market Cipher(MC fron here). I personally see MC as my personal mentor. It really helps getting rid of your emotional-based trading (like market-trades if you feel like it’s going to dump or pump, but BTC instead does the opposite). MC; warns you what is going to happen in (the near) future. You still as a trader need to make you own decisiions like what to do, when to get in, when to get out, but it helps you judging your calls better. Don’t overkill the smaller TimeFrames (TF’s) and get Rekkt and bitch about it, this is still up to you as a trader to use higher TF’s and then make a decision based upon the input of MC. See MC as your Talisman during your journey in the world what we call Crypto-Trading today. As mentioned before, thanks to MC I’ve earned the spent money back within on day, and it help me accomplish my childhood dream; to be a proud owner of my very own Date Just Rolex :). See the picture 11 comments above.