Bought MC yesterday, gave it a spin this morning, in profit with 2 out of 2 trades 7x leverage on 400$ each, 1st trade 66$, second 55$ just following the MCA,MCB indicators. so more than 10% just testing it. No more inside questions shall I sell or shall I wait or shall I buy, just so simple if you are not greedy. All the best to creators of MC, you triggered abundance creation for ordinary people! Today is 26.01. It has been 24h since I bought MC membership. I returned my investment into it on the last dip on ETH. It is 27.01. the 2nd day I got the MC, altogether I am up little over 1K…Now that is around 2-3 hours altogether on PC and on mobile following the markets and reacting to indicator. Lets continue the ride!