Thank God for MC! I just started following crypto in December and due to banking restrictions in my country I couldn’t buy in until i switched banks. My first FOMO ETH buy was the 9th.. crashed the next day.. My second buy was the 21st.. crashed the next day but didn’t realize until 2 days later because I listened to all these HODLing true believers. Panic sold and was down $5k. BANG!! REKT!! In fact I made SIX wrong moves at the exact wrong time. Bought the tops. Sold the bottoms. This got me thinking.. “There must be people who are trading the exact opposite way that I am..” Heard BITBOY talking about MC. Watched the CF tutorials. Watched the Shoemoney tutorial. Purchased MC the next day. I now sell the Red Dots on the 2-4hr chart and buy back in on the Green Dots. I get a notification from tradingview and can now sleep at night. I call this Whale hunting aka the Super Hodl and is potentially 40+% more profitable than regular hodling. Looking into finding a super hodl bot since I’m totally risk averse. If anyone knows a good way to do this I’d love to hear it! Thank you Crypto Face!! Thank you Flopping Groper! Thank you mysterious old investor guy! A 100X thank you! I love this community thank you for sharing your wisdom! Getting all emotional here lol See you on shuttle to Mars! Peace!!