If you’re reading this, you already purchased MC, so let me tell you when CryptoFace says that anyone can do this, he is absolutely correct! I’ve been holding since 17 but never thought of trading. They say that’s for “pros” and I would just loose money. Well, I was let go from my job at the end of Dec due to covid, so finding myself with a bunch of time on my hands and a pocket full of Biden bucks, I decided to started my Trading education. Spent the entire month of Jan like it was my new job and watched read and researched. CryptoFace, and Flopping Gropers training videos, live trading sessions, and tutorials on youtube are absolute GOLD! I finally got to a point where I felt comfortable that I had at least the basic skills to attempt trading without making a total fool of myself. I started off making a few “baby” trades, $10 or $20 longs on 3x to get a feel for the Bybit platform while looking for a position for a”real” trade. Working the plan, plan the work, scanning the charts and with the help and guidance of the Discord crew, I found a position I liked and applied all my new knowledge. That trade with MC help came up to a gain of .009 Btc (about $450 at todays price) which made back the cost of subscribing to Market Cipher in the first place! CryptoFace said this will happen if you put in the work and apply the skills hes teaching and he delivered!. Thank you for Market Cipher CryptoFace!