I spent half the price of a lifetime membership of MC on an indicator that only led to me loosing trades over and over, I had always to rely on TA to overcome the lack of indications. After seeing MC in action in your streams and with other crypto guys videos I’ve fell in love with what MC offers, I’m consistently recovering my account with confidence since I’ve bought MC Lifetime (no luck on the giveaways:blush:). I had not doubt’s that it would be worth every penny, and the one tool that would help me grow my capital. I’m just one more amazed with the new addition DBSI, this numbers are just Bulletproof, the range really helps sense the trend and anticipate moves, and alongside with the MC-B, it is just mind blowing.
PS: It’s been hard to focus on day work and not follow your streams, that’s for the insights you provide and funny moments. Keep up the good work, cheers!