I discovered crypto Dec 12, 2020. I liquidated EVERYTHING except my rental properties and went all in crypto! Total Noob play, but I needed to do something. My son is disabled and I have to secure financial means to support him after I’m gone. MC has given me the confidence to make trades that almost always end in profit. However, my greed almost always gets the best of me. Watching a +25K move to a -65K liquidation is gut wrenching. I’m down 1.3 BTC total so I’ve stopped using leverage. Now for the good news… I took a hard look at myself and did a complete reset! I’m trading without leverage (ETH, ADA, XRP, & VET) and I’m up BIG TIME. Increasing my bags is my play and MC with the new DBSI has been an 80% win rate with those coins. Buying low and selling high, rinse and repeat without leverage is my success. I’m no longer worried about our future, thank you CF & FG! p.s. my son loves our new Porsche! VROOOM! and we don’t like Tesla electric bs garbo.