I started with trading exactly 1 month ago. After 3 weeks I was down 2k with doing small trades in and out, long and short. I then realized scared money make no money and went in with bigger positions (up to 50.000 on 10x sofar). This has profen to be the right thing for me and I am up now 600 dollars with 10 out of 10 trades in the green! It took a while to get to understand MC. You just need to read it, watch the videos/you tube and invest a lot of time. I took it serious and went 4 weeks deep, often with nights of only 3 hours sleep, having been nonstop on my computer. After becoming break even yesterday BEFORE the new ATH, I spend today the first time NOT behind my computer and did no trading (Ok, just a small one before breakfast with a 40+ outcome). Instead, I went snowboarding. It was enlightening to see the pump happening whilst riding the snow!