Just joined MC this weekend. Jumped into crypto early summer while quarantining and been strictly HODL with all my entries since then – buying dips and trying to avoid FOMO on the runs. That HODL bag is really well funded and diversified now (in descending %: ETH, BTC, LINK, XRP, SNX, ADA, ATOM, BAT), so I’m setting it aside until at least later this year. I’ve been studying the mkt and trying to soak up all I can while I learn the ropes before engaging in active trading with a separate new bag, but I’ll be the first to admit I’m a newb in this space. :joy: Despite that, I think I’m just about ready to make that plunge into scalping & swinging and I’m very excited to join this group – and thank you everyone in advance for the advice/help I’m sure to be seeking. Let’s all crush these profits together. To the moon, ninjas! :crescent_moon: