i love you!

this is my market cipher testimony. I started off with $150 and with about 10 trades over the course of 10 days at low leverage 5 or 10 leverage i turned it into $350 with 100% winrate or going even. I was getting upset because it was nowhere near my goal of $5000. I wasnt confident in a trade but was tired of being stagnent so the recent LONG that was just in cryptofaces video, i thought it would go short. long story short i lost only 100 dollars thanks to the stoploss. i was upset and went 50x even though i was told not to by many videos. my now 250 dollars is 97 dollars and i am never going anything more than 10 x. if you do not withdrawl your profits you will rush things. so now because i had a 100% winrate or going even at least, i will deposit $1000 and take every single profit that i make from that $1000. if you do not take profit you will rush eventually take your profit. thanks for reading and i will never go 50 x again