Earth Knows

I first heard about MC on BitBoy Crypto channel, and I saw CF on the channel. Loved CF’s energy and passion shining through about the Crypto market and trading. I did a bit of simple math about what I had, what I could possibly do with MC and it was a no-brainer. I immediately went lifetime less than 2 weeks ago and already it has more than paid for itself. Now looking at just pure profit from here. Thank you so much CF and FG for making such a great indicator software. Me, from having ZERO knowledge /experience of trading of ANY kind… having only ever put FIAT money into FATASS banks hands, coming in to ByBit with MC / Tradeview has been the best move I’ve done in years. This is fast becoming my primary income. No bosses, no customers! the potential is HUGE.

Just gonna keep smart, keep listening and watching the market and CF (his videos are pure gold for learning) and keep pushing the pencil deep into the pencilnecks.