I quit my job last December to pursue my passions in life. I have been watching Bitboys channel for sometime now and I came across CF and MC in his channel. LET ME TELL YOU WHAT… MarketCiper (MC) and the DBSI indicators are the freakin truth, the freakin truth. I can visually see what is going on in front of me, in real time, when using these amazing indicators. MarketCipher (MC) is very easy to read, as well as the DBSI indicator and they both help me identify the perfect trading entries and exits. My trading experience since I bought the lifetime package has been amazing. I still have a lot of learning to do, but most importantly, I am having a fun, using these indicators. Keep in mind I have only been trading since February. 3 months now and I’m still here. I’m not tappin out anytime soon. Thank you CF and FG for building these indicators, and having a great community for us to be apart of.